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 CBoundaryGeneric definition of boundary
 CCartesianVectorThis class defines a spherical or polar vector
 CColorDefines a poColorCoordinate in cartesian coordinates
 CColorParameterThis describes a medium parameter
 CConfSimulationSettingsThis contains. Generic Confi
 CConvertibleParameterEditorThis is a template class for parameters with values that could be represented using using multiple units
 CConvertibleParameterEditorBaseClass ConvertibleParameterEditorBase
 CCurlDescribes a infinitesimal rottion of a field
 CDegreeParameterThis describes a degree parameter
 CDisplayStyleThis class defines graphical styles that will be used when rendering objects
 CDoubleParameterEditorThis is an editor for Double values
 CEllipseBoundaryThis class describes a elliptical boundary
 CEnumParameterThis class describes a generic parameter to be used with enums, eliminating the need to define methods such as ToString, FromString for each enum
 CEquationSetThis class stores and solves a group of equations
 CExpressionGeneric expression class, such as an equation
 CFDTDProblemAreaThis describes a Yee problem area
 CFDTDSolutionAreaThis class is responsible to display an FDTD simultion solution on an IScreen
 CFDTDSolutionDisplayThis is a wx form override for SolutionDisplayBase that displays FDTD solutions. See also FDTDSolutionArea for the actual graphic displaying the solution.
 CFEMSuiteDebugThis class enables a basic debugging method by dumping debug messages to a temporary log file.
 CFieldDescribes a field
 CGLScreenThis class describes a screen. A drawable object manager gets access to this class, or a child thereof. (For example, a GLScreen would be used to set current context)
 CGridGeneric Grid Class
 CGUIObjectManagerThis overrides a few methods in the object manager class mainly to update the GUI
 CIFEMSuiteSolverThis interface defines the basic methods that need to be implemented by all solvers
 CIInteractiveObjectThis inteface describes a drawble, interactive object
 CInteractiveObjectBaseThis class implements basic functions for interactive objects
 CInteractiveObjectConfigurationPanelBaseClass InteractiveObjectConfigurationPanelBase
 CIParameterThis interface describes the most basic methods of a parameter
 CIScreenThis describes a generic screen
 CMaterialEditorBaseClass MaterialEditorBase
 CMaterialEditorDialogBaseClass MaterialEditorDialogBase
 CMatrixThis class models a matrix
 CMatrixAtomReturned by a matrix when accessing a row or a column
 CMediaManagerSingleton to manage Media storage
 CMediumThis class models a medium
 CMediumMapThis class sparsely maps a media set to a large address space.
 CMediumParameterThis describes a medium parameter
 CMediumParameterEditorThis is an editor for Double values
 CMediumParameterEditorBaseClass MediumParameterEditorBase
 CParallelepipedDescribes a parallelepiped boundary
 CParameterBaseThis class implements the most basic features of the IParameter interface
 CParameterCollectionConfigurationPanelThis class automatically generates configuration pages for parameter collections
 CParameterContainerA container for parameters
 CPhotonicaGUIFrameBaseClass PhotonicaGUIFrameBase
 CPMLWidthDefault type for the perfectly-matched layer width
 CPointDefines a point in cartesian coordinates
 CPointParameterEditorThis is an editor for Double values
 CPolarVectorThis class defines a spherical or polar vector
 CPolatorThis class describes interpolation and extrapolation methods.
 CProgressorThis class stores the progress levels of computationally intensive processes and can be used by the GUI to display progress bars, etc.
 CProgressorDisplayThis class implements the progressor display functionality of the base wx frame ProgressorDisplayBase
 CProgressorDisplayBaseClass ProgressorDisplayBase
 CScreenBaseThis class implements the basic functions of IScreen
 CScreenCoordsThis defines screen coordinates in both pixel and point values.
 CSolutionDisplayBaseClass SolutionDisplayBase
 CSourceThis models a true field - scattered field source
 CStandAloneParameterContainerSimilar to ParameterContainer but Loads/Saves to xml files automatically.
 CTFSFThis models a true-field - scattered field source
 CYeeSummary>This class models a Yee grid
 CYeeUpdateHelperHelper class to compute Update equations and coefficients.
 CMCoeffContainerA container for all M coefficients